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British “Telegraph”: Alexander the Great was not Greek, but Macedonian!

British Telegraph in a travel report on Macedonia refers to the Alexander the Great issue, with the author Paul Bloomfield writing that he was not Greek, but Macedonian! Ah, The Alex Question. At school you were probably taught that the serial...

Number of passengers at Skopje and Ohrid airports on the rise

268,400 passengers traveled through Skopje’s Alexander the Great airport and Ohrid’s St. Paul the Apostle airport in the first quarter of 2015 suggesting that a 29.1% increase has been registered compared to the same period last year when...

SWISS to launch Skopje-­Geneva flight at EUR 40

As of Saturday, flight Skopje-­Geneva will start to operate from “Alexander the Great” airport, with one­-way ticket prices starting at EUR 40. TAV Macedonia director, Zoran Krstevski, said Switzerland’s airline “SWISS”...

Presentation of Alexander the Great’s route via Macedonia

­ The route that Alexander III of Macedon (commonly known as Alexander the Great) took on his way back from the Danube campaign with his army in 335 BC went through 18 present municipalities in the Republic of Macedonia, Prof. PhD Viktor Lilic...

Flights at Skopje airport cancelled due to fog

The scheduled overnight takeoffs and landings to and from Vienna have been cancelled at Skopje­-based airport “Alexander the Great” due to fog. The other morning flights are realized as scheduled.

Greek MPs want a statue of Alexander the Great in Athens

A call to erect a statue of Alexander the Great in the Greek capital Athens is now supported by 24 members of Parliament from the ruling New Democracy party. The statue has been commissioned from sculptor Yannis Pappas in 1973, but still sits...

Greek Culture Minister: Alexander the Great’s tomb is not at Amphipolis

Greece’s Culture Minister Kostas Tasoulas said on Monday that it is highly unlikely that Alexander the Great is buried in the Amphipolis tomb discovered in northern Greece. Although Catherine Peristeri, who administers the archaeological...

The tomb of Alexander the Great in not in Amphipolis

Macedonian archaeologist and former director of the Cultural Heritage Protection Directorate, Pasko Kuzman, believes that the information about the findings in Amphipolis indicate that it is a matter of a major archaeological discovery. “The...

Alexander the Great monument in Aerodrom Municipality unveiled

Photo: MIA On the occasion of the first patronage of the elementary school “Alexander the Great”, Education Minister Spiro Ristovski and mayor of Aerodrom Municipality Ivica Konevski unveiled Tuesday the Alexander the Great monument....
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May 2

Columnist:Aco Stankovski The essential doctrine of Marshal Tito (besides the humanistic humoresque with plebeian charm) was a controlled schizophrenia, skillfully existing in the empirical bestiary of Thomas Hobbes, which basic principle is...