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Passengers in shock after bus inspectors beat up a boy in Skopje

A harrowing attack at a bus in Skopje was recorded by a passenger today. Worse yet, the two attackers, who beat up a young boy, were employees of the JSP public transportation company, who likely attacked a passenger without a ticket. –...

Interior Ministry informed the attacker who tried to kill Todorov was the grand-father of little Tamara Dimovska

The Interior Ministry informed that the attacker who tried to kill outgoing Health Minister and top VMRO-DPMNE official Nikola Todorov is 60 year old Lj.S. from the village of Dolno Kalaslari from Veles. The attacker waited for Todorov to leave...

Outgoing Health Minister Todorov attacked

The outgoing Health Minister Nikola Todorov has been physically attacked Thursday in front of building of the Ministry of Health. Police informs that Todorov has been physically attacked at 12:05 hours in front of Health Ministry’s building...

Republika’s team attacked by SDSM activists

A photographer with the Republika news was attacked by people apparently associated with the opposition SDSM party, as he was taking pictures near their party headquarters on Friday. Republika was reporting on the Serbian branch of...

Tetovo man detained after attack on four policemen

Police has detained 36 year old E.J. from Tetovo, one of the suspects in an attack on four police officers on Thursday afternoon that left a police officer in critical condition. Four officers came to detain a 40 year old man who has been...

Five children hurt in school attack in southeast Turkey blamed on PKK

Five children were hurt on Friday when an explosive ripped through a schoolyard in Turkey’s mainly Kurdish southeast, a region gripped by violence between militants and state security forces for months, security sources said, Reuters reports.   The...

Turkey: five dead in Kurdish car bomb attack

­ Five people have been killed and 39 wounded on Thursday in a car bomb attack by Kurdish militants on a police station and adjacent housing for officers in southeastern Turkey, the provincial governorate has said. Two people were killed in...

MP physically attacked female co-worker

An MP and his son physically attacked high political party official at the polling station in “26 July” school in Skopje settlement Shuto Orizari. The names will be published after 7 pm, when the election silence is over.

President Ivanov extended condolences to Vladimir Putin over the terror attacks in Volgograd

Today Macedonian President Gjorgje Ivanov extended condolences to his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin, over the terror attacks in Volgograd, which left dozens of people dead. “Feeling bitterness and profound sorrow, i have received...

18 years ago on this day was committed an attack on the first Macedonian President – Kiro Gligorov. (gallery)

18 years ago on this day was committed an attack on the first Macedonian President – Kiro Gligorov. Last night was promoted the publication for this unrevealed event . Its publicists – the “Security Forum”, the “Veterans...