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Valon Belja was involved in lengthy feud with fellow DUI officials before being shot

Valon Belja, the DUI official who was shot twice in the leg on Thursday after an argument with Cair mayor Visar Ganiu, was violently threatening Ganiu in the past. At one point, Belja reportedly left a bullet in the office of former Cair mayor...

Skopje apartment building catches fire, six admitted to hospital (PHOTO)

A fire broke out Friday in an apartment building in the Skopje municipality of Cair igniting at least four flats. According to initial findings, it started on the auxiliary staircases of the fifth floor of a high-rise building. It trapped a...

Most jihadists from Macedonia are from Cair?

All Macedonian citizens who were thus far killed in the Syrian conflict while fighting for the Islamist groups, were followers of the salafi movement, ‘Dnevnik” security sources inform. Seven of the nine jihadists from Macedonia...