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Zaev gave Ilinden to the Bulgarians: He gave up the biggest Macedonian holiday

Today in Sofia, Zaev gave the biggest Macedonian holiday, Ilinden, to the Bulgarians. According to Bulgarian news sites, Zaev has indicated that Ilinden will be celebrated together with Boyko Borisov. As they report, Zaev said that the signing...

City of Skopje cancels New Year’s celebrations, funds to be donated for humanitarian purposes

The City of Skopje said Thursday it is cancelling the New Year’s celebrations on the main square, with the funds in the amount of about MKD 2 million (EUR 32,500) to be donated for humanitarian purposes. The city council will decide where...

Christmas around the World (Photo Gallery)

The world celebrates Christmas in many different ways. At places where you don’t expect, Santa is walking on the streets. In places which are in the middle of some tragedy, where you expect that they will not care about holidays, people...

Government: No New Year celebrations from budget funds

This year also the Government will not allow New Year’s parties at the expense of the budget and the citizens. The decision for cutting the luxury celebrations, the Government has adopted at a session and has already sent to the budget users. In...

69 years of Skopje’s liberation

With a number of cultural, humanitarian and sporting events, today Skopje is celebrating the Liberation Day. Mayor Koce Trajanovski will meet representatives of the Macedonia’s WWII Veterans Organisation. A delegation of the city of Skopje...