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Seven changes proposed to the “North Macedonia” constitutional amendments

A total of seven amendments were submitted in Parliament, on the four proposed changes to the Macedonian Constitution meant to rename the country into North Macedonia. One of the amendments, submitted by the group of eight former VMRO-DPMNE...

Zaev says he’s open to including opposition proposals in the Constitution amendments

The Macedonian Government held the first of the five planned debates which will meet the requirement to hold “public discussions” on the proposed amendments to the Constitution. During the debate, Prime Minister Zoran Zaev said...

Poll: Majority of citizens oppose renaming the country, believe VMRO members of Parliament voted under pressure

Poll shows that 51.5 percent of the public opposed amending the Constitution and renaming the Republic of Macedonia into the Republic of North Macedonia, as demanded by the Government. Only 37.6 percent support the change, a poll conducted...

Zaev and Tsipras open diplomatic channels amid Greek worries over Macedonian constitutional amendments

Greek daily Kathimerini reports that Macedonia and Greece opened a diplomatic channel meant to avoid any disagreements during the amending of the Macedonian Constitution. According to the paper, Greeks had doubts over Zoran Zaev’s statement...

Government proposes constitutional changes for improved living standard

Defining marriage as a union between a man and a woman, specifying fiscal rules in the section of budget deficit and public debt are among the issues over which the Government has passed a draft-decision for changes to the Constitution. Prime...