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Minimum wage covers barely a third of the cost of living

The SSM association of unions of Macedonia published its latest estimate on the minimum monthly consumer costs for a family in November and puts them at 32.545 denars (a little over 500 EUR), which is above the average net wage of 24.355 denars. According...
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Cost of living unchanged in May, June

Costs of living for June have remained at the same level compared to May, and have increased by 0,5 percent compared to June 2014, the State Statistics Bureau informed. Data shows that overall retail prices have dropped 0,3 percent in June...

Cost of living and retail prices reduced

According to the State Statistical Office data, the Consumer Price Index in February 2015, in comparison with the previous month, was 100.0, while the Retail Price Index was 100.1. The Consumer Price Index in February 2015, in comparison with...

“Expatistan”: Skopje is among the cities with cheapest cost of living in the world

London is the most expensive city for living in the world, and out of 193 cities, Skopje is ranked at 178. position of Expatistan‘s list, which is engaged in comparing the cost of living in the cities around the world, informs Netpress. The...