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VMRO-DPMNE submits demand for vote of no confidence for Nikola Dimitrov

VMRO-DPMNE submitted a request for a vote of no confidence in Foreign Affairs Minister Nikola Dimitrov. As opposition leader Hristijan Mickoski said, the request comes after Dimitrov insulted Macedonians who oppose the change to the name and...

VMRO-DPMNE calls for vote of no confidence in Minister Dimitrov, says he insulted the Macedonian people

VMRO-DPMNE initiated a no confidence vote in Foreign Minister Nikola Dimitrov, over his demeaning statement in Parliament that the Macedonian people “have issues” and this is why Macedonians insist to evoke the memory of Alexander...

Nikoloski: Even Greeks have not insulted Macedonians like Dimitrov did with his “issues” statement

VMRO-DPMNE deputy leader Aleksandar Nikoloski said that Foreign Minister Nikola Dimitrov’s statement that the people “have issues” is one of the worst insults ever aimed at the Macedonian nation. – These were not the...

Katrougalos believes both Parliaments will ratify the Zaev – Tsipras treaty

Greek alternate Foreign Minister Giorgos Katrougalos said that, despite the resignation of Foreign Minister Nikos Kotzias, the treaty signed between Prime Ministers Zaev and Tsipras to rename Macedonia will still be implemented. – There...

Even though he is one of the richest ministers, Dimitrov wants the public to pay for his daughter’s education

Nikola Dimitrov, the Foreign Affairs Minister of Macedonia, raised eyebrows with his inexplicable wealth, and especially by tapping the state budget for a 40.000 EUR scholarship for his daughter Jana, who studies in the Netherlands. A

Dimitrov: Only the votes of people who voted will be counted, the referendum is successful

Nikola Dimitrov, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, declared the referendum successful, because, according to him, only the votes of the people who voted will be counted. If out of over 650,000 citizens, over 600,000 have voted FOR that it...
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Education Minister Deskoka got FM Dimitrov’s daughter $ 40,000 scholarship for studies in the Netherlands

In an emergency session of a newly formed commission in the Ministry of Education, it was decided that Jana Dimitrova, the daughter of Foreign Minister Nikola Dimitrov, would be awarded a scholarship of $ 40,000 for undergraduate studies in...

Dimitrov: For me, there is no greater patriotic duty than to change Macedonia’s name into North Macedonia

The Minister of Foreign Affairs, Nikola Dimitrov, was guest this morning on TV Sitel’s “I Love Macedonia” morning show. He informed about the course of the referendum campaign and the mood of the citizens, to come out or...

FM Dimitrov: No undeserved awards, only recognition of our successful story

You can make a living, as a politician, out of a dispute or you can solve it and make the lives of your people better while protecting what is most important for the two sides, Macedonian Foreign Minister Nikola Dimitrov told members of the European...

FM Dimitrov pays two-day visit to Brussels

Foreign Minister Nikola Dimitrov is paying a working visit to Brussels on 28-29 August. Today he will meet NATO Deputy Secretary General Rose Gottemoeller to discuss the cooperation between Macedonia and the Alliance, the Ministry of Foreign...