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Dubrovnik will fine scantily dressed tourists

City authorities in Dubrovnik, the medieval walled city which is one of Croatia’s main tourist draws, have introduced fines for scantilly dressed tourists. People caught walking through the city in bathing costumes or otherwise improperly...

Balkan Presidents and EU officials at Brdo-Brioni process in Dubrovnik

President Gjorge Ivanov will attend Tuesday a leaders’ meeting of the Brdo-Brioni Process in Dubrovnik, an informal initiative for cooperation among regional states in the context of the aspirations for membership in Euro-Atlantic organisations.   The...

President Ivanov at “Summit100″ in Cevtat and Brdo-Brioni Process meeting in Dubrovnik

President Gjorge Ivanov pays July 14-15 a visit to the Republic of Croatia, taking part at a leaders’ meeting of the Brdo-Brioni Process and the “Summit 100″ of business leaders and most prominent Southeast European entrepreneurs...
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FM Poposki attends Western Balkans EU-integration Forum in Dubrovnik

The messages saying there will be no EU enlargement in the next five years should not be taken dramatically, but forgetting the 60-year-old principles upon which the European project is based poses a genuine risk, Foreign Minister Nikola...

EU Commissioner Fule: It is time EU embraces the Western Balkans more firmly

Enlargement Commissioner Stefan Fule supported further European Union enlargement in Dubrovnik on Friday, saying it was time the EU embraced the Western Balkans more firmly. The enlargement process is the most successful mechanism, he said...