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Turkey launches campaign to collect aid for flood-affected regions in Macedonia

Teams of 42 people and 24 vehicles with special water-pumping, mud-cleaning equipment have been already working in flood-affected settlements of Skopje region. A campaign for raising funds and aid has been underway in Turkey. Thus far six trucks...

Sub-stations in flood-stricken areas repaired

EVN Macedonia said Sunday it has repaired defects in all sub-stations within the areas affected by last week’s floods. “All 110 sub-stations that were hit by the storm have been repaired and beneficiaries in this area are currently...

Health Ministry recommends temporary evacuation of women, children, the elderly from flood-affected areas

Authorities are urging residents of the village Stajkovci, who were most affected by the floods, to evacuate while their homes are being disinfected. Authorities are also recommending Stajkovci residents to stay at relatives and friends’...

PM Dimitriev helping citizens from flood-hit areas (photo)

  Prime Minister Emil Dimitriev was on Thursday among the victims of the floods. He helped the residents of Stajkovci to clear their homes and yards.

After Stajkovci, Gruevski helped residents of Ekonomija settlement to clear their homes (photo)

VMRO-DPMNE leader, Nikola Gruevski, helped Thursday the residents of the settlement Ekonomija to clear their homes after the devastating flooding that occurred in the Skopje region on August 6. After on Wednesday he helped the residents...

The Prodigy to make a donation for flood victims in Macedonia

“Heartfelt respect to the Macedonian people who have lost their lives and have been affected by the floods. We will be making a donation in solidarity to the Macedonian Red Cross Respect to all the victims, their families, and to all...

Office holders from ruling VMRO-DPMNE to donate one-off financial aid to flood-affected residents

All office holders from the ruling VMRO-DPMNE will donate one-off financial assistance (30% of their salaries and benefits) to residents affected by disastrous storm that hit Skopje region on August 6, party leader Nikola Gruevski told reporters...

Red Cross distributes 55 tons of water, 5,500 food packages in flood-hit areas

55 tons of water, 5,500 food packages (each one prepared for four people), 190 mattresses, 356 blankets and 210 kilograms of clothes have been distributed by the Red Cross in the past three days to the regions affected most by Saturday’s freak...

Pope Francis extends condolences over Skopje flood victims

The Committee for Relations with Religious Communities and Groups said Wednesday that Pope Francis, via Cardinal Secretary of State Pietro Parolin, has sent a letter to Skopje Bishop Kiro Stojanov, extending condolences to the victims of the...

Donations, humanitarian aid pouring in for flood-affected regions

Several prominent Macedonian companies announced Tuesday their intention to grant monetary, material assistance to residents of flood-affected regions. Makedonski Telekom, a leading tetelecommunications company in the country, is going to donate...