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Fog restricts visibility on roads across Macedonia

Fog is affecting driving conditions on several road sections across Macedonia. Drivers are advised to be careful at the Zirovnica – Debar – Struga road, on the highway between Skopje and Gradsko. Visibility on this sections is reduced...

Wizz Air pilot makes amazing photos of Skopje under fog

Wizz Air pilot has published photos of Skopje valley under a dense fog on his Facebook account. Only the top of Vodno Mountain and the Millennium Cross can be seen in the ‘lake’ of fog.

Fog affects road and air traffic

The dense fog in parts of Macedonia is causing disruptions in both road and air traffic. A number of overnight flights to and from the capital Skopje were delayed until the morning, when conditions allowed most of them to go ahead. For has...

Fog at Preseka and Pletvar

Traffic is proceeding without restrictions at wet roads. Fog reduces visibility to 100 meters on Preseka and to 50 meters on Pletvar mountain slopes. Kratovo-­village Kavrak and Probistip-­Zletovica roads are open only for passenger vehicles,...

No traffic restrictions, fog at several road sections

Good driving conditions throughout the country on somewhat wet roads. Fog reduces visibility to 30 meters in Popova Sapka, Mavrovo and Straza mountain slope. Traffic is proceeding in one lane at road sections Katlanovo­-Veles. A temporary...
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Fog reduces visibility on Straza mountain pass

­ Visibility at the Straza mountain pass, on the important road between Skopje and Ohrid, has been reduced to 50 meters due to fog. AMSM also informs that drivers on the Kumanovo ­ Sveti Nikole road should be careful for snowfalls near the...

Fog at several road sections

­ Traffic is ongoing without any restrictions nationwide at mainly wet roads. Fog reduces visibility from 50 to 100 meters at road sections Pletvar, Veles-­Skopje, Ohrid, Stracin and Gostivar-­Mavrovo. Drivers are advised to use caution,...



Foggy, overcast and windy

Weather in Macedonia will be foggy in the ravines and along Povardarie region. During the day mostly cloudy with short rainfalls in western regions with low southeast wind. The morning temperature will range from ­4ºC to 3ºC and daily...

Flights cancelled due to fog at Skopje Airport

All flights at Skopje‘s Alexander the Great Airport have been cancelled Monday morning due to thick fog. According to the information at airport’s website, planned takeoffs by noon have been cancelled, and early Monday some landings have...