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My life is in Macedonia

Marc Morell is French, who has been living in Macedonia for three years, although, as he told “Republika”, he came to the country for the first time in 1970. Mark has lived in several countries worldwide. He is a hydrologist...

French director goes old school in filming his movie in Macedonia

Culture Minister Elizabeta Kanceska Milevska visited on Wednesday the set north of Skopje where French director Nicolas Benamou is filming his latest movie, A Fond. Benamou said that he has chosen a very challenging approach to the work on...

Shooting of French “A Fond” kicks off – largest foreign investment in Macedonia’s film industry

French director Nicolas Benamou begins filming his new film A Fond on 7 September, on sites across Macedonia, including the ring road around Skopje. Culture Minister Elizabeta Kanceska Milevska said that the film will introduce Macedonia as...

Week of French Film in Skopje-based cinema ‘Milenium’

Today the start of Week of French Film in Skopje-based cinema ‘Milenium’ will be marked by the premiere of the film “Renoir”, directed by Gilles Bourdos. The revenue, which includes four other films, will run through...