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Zaev says Facebook and Google are waiting for Macedonia to join EU and NATO before they decide on their investments, Milososki responds

Asked about what happened with his promise that Facebook and Google will invest in Macedonia, Prime Minister Zoran Zaev said that it may happen, but is mainly conditional to changing the name of the country. VMRO-DPMNE member of Parliament...

Google features Macedonian flag on Independence Day

One of the world’s largest Internet search engine Google enriched its logo with the flag of Macedonia. Macedonian flag is “set” on the occasion of Independence Day, September 8. When visitors click the Macedonian flag doodle,...

Macedonia to be advertised by “Google”

Macedonia will be advertised on the most famous Internet browser “Google”. The General Secretariat of the Google’s Croatian branch office and Macedonia have already signed a MKD 31,6 million (EUR 514 million) contract, ‘Kanal...

Questions Google cannot answer

Coulmnist:Budimka Popvska(nun Makrina) Google cannot answer rhetorical questions. The Serbs have been bombarded as well, haven’t they? The Internet has finally and definitively replaced our lives for good. Everyone can consult their personal consiliere...

Macedonian MatriX for cheaper Internet and faster browsing

Cheaper, faster and safer Internet is expected from the establishment of the Macedonian Internet Exchange Point – MatriX. The Internet protocol would function only through the national Internet Exchange Point, connected to about 100 Internet...