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As predicted by the opposition, wife of top Zaev lieutenant appointed to the Judicial Council

Judge Loreta Georgieva, wife of Zoran Georgiev, manager of the Strumica public utility company, is the expected winner for the open seat the the Judicial Council. Even ahead of her appointment, VMRO-DPMNE announced that she will be the next...

Judicial Council elects new heads of three courts

  The Macedonian Judicial Council appointed three new court presidents on Thursday. Liljana Ivanovska Shopova was elected as head of the Appeals Court in Skopje, Kostadin Petrov is the new President the Basic Court in Radovis, while Emilija...

Uskovski: Judicial Council guarantees independence

­ Judicial impartiality is the goal of every modern society. The Judicial Council secures and guarantees the judiciary’s independence through its operations, in compliance with the Constitution and the law, said Council president Branko...

Judicial Council not succumbing to political influence: president

Judicial Council President Branko Uskovski said Thursday he would protect the reputation of the institution and the judges’ rights, while the Council would not succumb to political influence. “I assure you I will be the first to...

Judicial Council to elect its new President

The Judicial Council of the Repubilc of Macedonia votes to elect a new President on Friday. The session is scheduled after the two year term of current President Aleksandra Zafirovska expired late last year. The 15 member Judicial Council elects...

Macedonian, Dutch judicial councils sign cooperation memo

The Macedonian Judicial Council signed Monday a memorandum of cooperation with the Dutch Council for the Judiciary, including a program defining activities for the coming two years. The activities encompass the judicial councils, academies...