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WikiLeaks: Terrorists in Kumanovo were in communication with SDSM

WikiLeaks just confirmed MINA’s reports from 2016 that SDSM structures were in communication with Kosovo terrorists who entered Kumanovo. Although our sources went pretty high up the chain in the DBK, it was Zoran Zaev who practically admitted...

Gruevski in Kumanovo: On December 11 will end this game that someone gave Zoran Zaev to play

Two and a half year of manipulations to eventually understand what was the idea, the plan. This people will not allow that. On Sunday, December 11, the people will massively support VMRO-DPMNE and the Coalition. On December 11 will win Macedonia,...

French MP Michel Voisin: I would like to see Macedonia’s economic results in France

Outstanding ten years of economic results under VMRO-DPMNE’s government. As a result of that, you had a reduction of unemployment of 14 percent, and I would like to see that in our country, Michel Voisin, member of the National Assembly...

LIVE STREAM: VMRO-DPMNE rally in Kumanovo

Watch live streaming of VMRO-DPMNE-led coalition “For Better Macedonia” rally in Kumanovo.

Policeman killed in Kumanovo

A policeman was killed during an intervention in a domestic violence case in Kumanovo settlement Sredorek late on Saturday. According to preliminary information, the policeman was stabbed during the incident. The attacker has been detained...

Reconstruction to begin on Kumanovo’s historic Guild Hall

The Guild Hall in Kumanovo, a notable building from the late 1920ies designed by Russian architect Vladimir Antonov, will be completely restored with the support of the Center for Development of the North-Eastern Region. The three storey building...

Macedonia marks 1 year anniversary of Kumanovo’s Divo Naselje clashes (photo)

A  year has passed since the tragic May 9 when eight members of the security forces lost their lives in a anti-terrorist action in the Kumanovo settlement of Divo Naselje. The action started early morning at 4.30 am on Saturday, May 9, and...

Kumanovo shootout suspects plead not guilty of terrorism

The trial against 29 defendants over the shootout in Kumanovo’s Divo Naselje in May last year resumed in the Skopje court on Thursday. The defense attorneys presented their opening statements, and the defendants claimed that they are...

Prosecution had evidence that Kumanovo gunmen were also involved in Goshince attack

The trial against 29 defendants accused of involvement in a shootout with the Macedonian police last year near a Kumanovo settlement began on Tuesday. Starting off the trial, the defense requested that the case be handed over to the Special...

Charges filed against 29 people over Kumanovo clashes

The basic public prosecutor’s office tasked with persecuting organized crime and corruption, based on evidence collected during the investigation into the Kumanovo events on May 9-­10, has filed charges against 29 people.   “The accused...