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Howitt is worried that young ethnic Albanians don’t learn the Macedonian language spoken by the majority

The European Parliament rapporteur on Macedonia, Richard Howitt is worried that young Albanians in Macedonia do not learn the Macedonian language. In an amendment he filed to his own report on the country before the European Parliament, Howitt...

President Gjorgje Ivanov met with officials of MATUSITEB

On the occasion of Day of Education in Turkish Language on December 21, today President Gjorgje Ivanov met with officials of the Union of Turkish Non-Government Organization MATUSITEB. Ivanov’s cabinet in a press release said that views...

Ministry of Culture will open a competition for financing translations of works from Macedonia in foreign languages

Competition for financing translations of high-quality literary works from Macedonia in foreign languages, will be opened for the first time in January next year by the Ministry of Culture. This competition is part of the National Strategy for...

Professor Stephan E. Nikolov: Bulgaria is obsessed with Macedonia

“I do not accept these theses, which are representing all Macedonians as Bulgarians, or the unreasonable taking pages from history books and presenting them as Bulgarian, Serbian and Greek history. Just like a decision made by people...

UMD urges the Greek authorities institute policies to preserve the Macedonian language of its native Macedonian community

Eugenia Natsoulidou, representative of the United Macedonian Diaspora (UMD) in Greece, presented the hard position of the Macedonians and the Greek attempts to erase the Macedonian language at the Network to Promote Linguistic Diversity (NPLD)...

Language problem for cooperation between the Albanian theater and the Macedonian theaters

The Albanian theater in Skopje cooperates with other Albanian theaters, but not with the Macedonians. According to the managing director of the Albanian theater Adem Karaga, the reason is the language barrier, which stays as an impediment for...