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Local elections campaign enters second week, VMRO-DPMNE to hold rallies in Makedonski Brod and Kicevo

The political parties, coalitions and independent candidates kick off Monday the second week of campaigning for the 15 October local elections. SDSM-led coalition “Life in Macedonia” will meet citizens of Lozovo, Gradsko and Caska and will...

Orban: I stand behind Gruevski because he works for the interests of his country

Also in the future, I will stand beside Mr. Gruevski, because he is a politician who primarily takes notice of the interests of the nation and his homeland. And he is resolutely acting to protect his country, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor...

Message from Ohrid: On October 15 SDSM will not avoid people’s referendum (photo gallery)

On October 15th, local elections will take place, but also a referendum. Perhaps with draconian and illegal government bans they will avoid the referendums for the migrants, but they will not avoid the referendum of the people, the referendum...

Gruevski: We have a plan that foresees real and major progress of Macedonia

The president of VMRO-DPMNE at the first rally of the campaign for the local elections addressed the citizens gathered on the Ohrid square. He mentioned that while SDSM thought of what to destroy. those who built it, VMRO-DPMNE, thought of...

Macedonia’s name – inevitable topic ahead of local elections in Greece

Ahead of the local elections in Greece, the argues between mayoral candidates on the social networks has started, including the inevitable topic on name issue with Macedonia. Democratic Alliance mayoral candidate Makis Stergiou via his Facebook...