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Lonely Planet has released top 10 travel lists for 2019

Tastemakers at Lonely Planet have released their picks for the best travel destinations of 2019, giving Sri Lanka and Copenhagen top billing. When it comes to proclaiming the world’s best destinations, there is literally and truly a world...

Lonely Planet: Hiking across Macedonia

At 3:30am, on the fifth day of an expedition along Macedonia’s mountainous western edge, we traded our trekking poles for reins and mounted horses in search of yet another peak. Headlamps spotlighted the steam from our breath mixed with the...

Ohrid named one of the world’s best cities by Lonely Planet

Ohrid has been named among the top ten cities in the world to visit in 2017 by the internationally-renowned travel company Lonely Planet. Placed fifth on the list of cities to visit, Ohrid is featured in the 2017 Best in Travel edition, released...