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Government cracks down on retirees selling at the farmers’ markets

The new law on trade will ban retirees or persons who hold freelance jobs from also working at the open air markets. According to the law, which goes into effect in 2019, these categories of citizens will not be able to rent a selling booth...

Regional construction companies team up to access international markets

Representatives of construction companies from the chambers of commerce from Macedonia, Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia and the Bosnian Republika Srpska signed an agreement for cooperation on Tuesday in Macedonia, with the goal to prepare their members...

Photo: MVR presented the seized marijuana to the journalists

Photo: Aleksandar Ivanovski, “Republika” The police today presented the sized marijuana at Delcevo border. In cooperation with the Public Prosecutor’s Office and the Customs Administration, Macedonian police seized 139kg of...

Ten most successful Albanian companies on the Macedonian market

Ten biggest Albanian companies participate with the country’s turnover index of 1.5 per cent, say from the Economic Chamber of North-West Macedonia. According to them, as Republika Shqip informs, 64 of this companies realize an annual...