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Scandal: TV Telma didn’t publish the whole poll

Five days until election day, TV Nova released the results from its latest public opinion poll. Who will be the next prime minister, who mostly protects the national interests, which political option is closer to the views of citizens, these...

Humanitarian family bazaar ‘Equal Opportunities for All Children’

The 9th traditional family bazaar is taking place Saturday in Skopje-based International Scholl ‘NOVA’ under the motto ‘Equal Opportunities for All Children’. This charity event aims to raise funds for the Department...

“Nova” high-school students to stage ‘Mamma Mia!’ musical in Skopje

This is the perfect period of the year to go out and celebrate. Students from “Nova” High School will take you to a heartwarming journey with their performance of the world renowned musical “Mamma Mia!” on Saturday,...