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Portuguese writer Bruno Vieira Amaral: When you have a chance, give your best shot!

  Portuguese writer Bruno V. Amaral came to Macedonia for the first time for the promotion of his novel The Former Things. The novel was published by the Skopje-based publishing house Ili Ili, translated by Natasha Sardzovska and, as...

Croatian writer Goran Fercec promotes his novel in Skopje

One of the leading young Croatian writers Goran Fercec will promote his novel “There will be no miracles here” on Tuesday in Skopje. The promotion is organized by his Macedonian publisher Ikona and the Goten publisher which is organizing...

Tomislav Osmanli’s novel “The Twenty-­first” among top five foreign books in Serbia

Serbian site BGEdCulture declared Tomislav Osmanli’s novel “The Twenty-­first” as one of the top five books translated into Serbian. The book was translated by Zoran Paunovic for the “Dereta” publisher. “Tomislav...

Promotion of Dejan Trajkovski’s novel “Infidelity”

Dejan Trajkovski is set to promote Monday his latest novel “Infidelity” at the Skopje-based Youth Cultural Center at  8 pm. Venko Andonovski, Ermis Lafazanovski and Aleksandar Prokopiev will talk about the book, while actor...

The shooting of the film “Honey night” has started

The shooting of the latest film by Ivo Trajkov – “Honey night”, has started. The Macedonian director, who teaches at the Film and TV School of the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague and also serves as Macedonia’s cultural...