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Park near Skopje closed for school trips, ground likely contaminated with poisonous substance

The Environmental Protection Ministry banned schools from organizing visits to the Pelenica park east of Skopje, because of fears that the soil could be contaminated with a dangerous, cancer inducing poisonous substance. Pelenica is close to...

OHIS issues EUR 5 million bond, to decrease debt to state

Macedonian Securities and Exchange Commission (KHV) has allowed troubled chemical giant OHIS to make its fourth issue of 99.747 shares, valued at over EUR 5 million, to increase the share owned by the state. Macedonian Government will take...

65 million Denars severance payment from the Government to the employees of “Ohis”

The Government of Macedonia completely accepted the request of syndicate representatives of “Ohis” for severance payments and social packages, declared today Government’s Spokesman – Aleksandar Gjorgjiev. As Gjorgjiev...