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Macedonian Customs Administration thwarted two attempts for smuggling marijuana

Macedonian Customs Administration yesterday evening thwarted two attempts for smuggling marijuana worth over 200,000 EUR. “About 30kg of marijuana were hidden in the  roof of passenger wehicle. The value of the seized drugs is estimated...

The police investigates the Museum of Macedonia

Photography: Aleksandar Ivanovski, Republika The police performed a detailed investigation into the Museum of Macedonia today. Employees were told to go home, because they would not be able to enter into their work places. The final report...

Jankulovska: Police cooperation between Macedonia and Belgium

Ministers of Internal Affairs of Macedonia and Belgium, Gordana Jankulovska and Joelle Milquet, today in Brussels signed an agreement for enhancing the cooperation in the fight against organized crime, especially in the part of illegal drug...

Huge police action in Macedonia and in Germany (Photo)

A huge police action in Macedonia and in Germany  is in progress at the moment. It is about destroying of the “Hamburg mafia” which was dealing with making fake documents as – ID cards, passports, and driving licences. A...

400 new police officers in MOL

The Ministry of the interior issued an advertisement for hiring 400 new police officers. The basic conditions for the candidates are: – To hold a Macedonian citizenship – To be aged 15-25 – To be healthy and psycho-physically...