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Snow on Popova Sapka, Mavrovo, Straza and Pletvar

­ The roads in Macedonia are wet due to rainfalls and sludgy snow on western parts of the country. Precipitation of light snow is recorded on Popova Sapka, Mavrovo and Straza and Pletvar mountain slopes. Fog reduces visibility to 100 meters...

‘Snow City 2015′ to take place on Popova Sapka

This year’s traditional children’s event ‘Snow City’ will take place February 18-22 on Popova Sapka. The snow city will be built by children, pupils from various schools in Skopje and other places, the Children’s...

Macedonian record – 2 meters of snow and -31.5ºC

While Macedonia is bracing for the coming polar wave, meteorologists wait to see if this winter will break some of the records set in previous bitter winters. A place to watch will be mountainous city of Berovo, in the Malesevo Mountains...