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Rice from Kocani region is not genetically modified

The rice from Kocani region is not genetically modified, results from super analysis made in the German laboratory “Eurofins HOS Testing” in Sofia showed. Director of the State Agriculture Inspectorate Blagoj Indov told Tuesday’s press...

Levidiagro opens new rice processing factory in Kocani

A new rice-­processing factory Levidiagro ­-EUR 4 million Turkish brownfield investment ­ has been opened Thursday in Kocani. The state­of­art facility is the largest plant for rice processing in the Balkan region. The investment of Levidiagro,...

Rice planting begins this week, at total of 4.000 hectares

­ The Bregalnica water management company from Kocani informs that Spring planting of rice in the Macedonian main rice growing region begins on April 18th, and will cover 4.000 hectares. Half of this area will be in the Kocani field. “Planting...