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Man dies in cold spell in Serbia; schools close in Bosnia

A man reportedly has frozen to death in Serbia as a cold spell throughout the Balkans slowed down traffic and closed down schools in some areas. Serbian state TV says the body of a 50-year-old man was found in the snow Monday in a northern village...

Drive carefully, snow creates sloppy roads on mountain passes Straza, Bukovo, Kicevo and Popova Sapka

Good driving conditions are reported throughout the country on mainly wet roads. Snow falls in Stracin, Gostivar, Mavrovo, Bukovo, Pavlesenci, Delcevo, Kriva Palanka, Straza and Kicevo. Snow creates sloppy roads on mountain passes Straza, Bukovo,...

Snow will fall in western and southern parts of the country

Weather in Macedonia will be mostly cloudy with occasional rainfalls. Snow will fall in the afternoon and during the night in western and southern parts of the country. Temperatures will range between -9C and 6C. Similar weather in Skopje with...

Snow on Popova Sapka, Mavrovo, Straza and Pletvar

­ The roads in Macedonia are wet due to rainfalls and sludgy snow on western parts of the country. Precipitation of light snow is recorded on Popova Sapka, Mavrovo and Straza and Pletvar mountain slopes. Fog reduces visibility to 100 meters...

One meter snow cover in Mavrovo

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Mavrovo winter idyll in April (PHOTO)

Though with minor intensity, snow continues to fall in Mavrovo Tuesday, as if it were fall. Instead of snowdrops, Mavrovo saw snow, with a snow cover of 93 cm. April snow is not new to Macedonia, but the 1997 record of 80 cm was broken this...

Overcast, rain and snow

Weather in Macedonia will be overcast with rainfalls and snow at mountains. Moderate to strong northwest winds will blow. Temperatures will range between 0ºC to 6ºC. Similar weather in Skopje with temperatures up to 3ºC.

Snow stops all traffic on main border crossing with Albania

­ Surprise snowfalls have caused a number of traffic delays on mountain passes across the country on Monday morning, with traffic on Struga – Kafasan border crossing with Albania stopped for all types of vehicles. Due to snowfalls heavy...

Snow at Straza, Mavrovo (PHOTO)

Heavy vehicles are banned at Gostivar-Straza-Kicevo and Mavrovo-Debar road sections due to snowfalls. Traffic is proceeding on wet roads. Drivers are advised to drive carefully on Kocani – Delcevo, Vinica – Berovo, Mavrovo –...

Villages in Staro Nagoricane cut off after heavy snowfalls

Several remote villages in the municipality of Staro Nagoricane, close to Kumanovo, have been cut off by the major snowfalls that hit the area over the weekend. The villages of Arbanasko, Dlabocica, Mglence, Malotino, Zeluvino, Drenak and Cvetisnica...