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American Chamber of Commerce strongly opposes introduction of progressive taxation

American Chamber of Commerce in Macedonia roundly criticized the proposed new law that aims to re-introduce progressive taxation, saying it will reduce productivity and employment, will increase tax evasion and black market economy and overall...
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Nikoloski: New tax on deposits spells danger for the banking sector

VMRO-DPMNE Vice-President Aleksandar Nikoloski warned of dramatic effects from the latest round of tax hikes and bank red tape announced by the Zaev Government. Nikoloski was especially critical of the announcement of a 15 percent tax on bank...

Citizens to receive 2014 annual income calculations by Thursday

All companies that pay out income to employees are obligated to give calculations of the total amount of salary, income tax and benefits paid during 2014 by Thursday, the Public Revenue Office (PRO) informed on Wednesday. This obligation...

Macedonian businessmen pay six times lower taxes than European ones

Macedonia’s ranking at 7th place in Paying taxes 2015 report is a confirmation that conditions and entire procedure of paying taxes are significantly favorable for the companies i.e. the most favorable in the region of the South East Europe...

“Telekom” will pay EUR 44,2 million dividends

Macedonian telecommunication operator “Telekom” 23 – 30 April will pay off last year’s dividends, according to the Dividends Draft-Decision, published on “Macedonian Stock Market”. Company’s last year...

Closing ceremony of the project on Reform of the Tax System

I the EU Info Centre today in Skopje, will be held closing ceremony of the project on Reform of the Tax System. This project was successfully conducted 16 years, and was supported by the German Association of International Cooperation (GIZ)...