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Macedonian Telekom to pay EUR 37 million in dividends

Macedonian Telecommunications informed that they will pay a total dividend of 2,26 billion denars (37 million EUR) to its shareholders, or 26,23 denars per share. The decision was made at the annual shareholders assembly held on Wednesday. Macedonian...

Macedonian Telekom serves more than 100,000 households

Macedonian Telekom optic network coverage at the end of 2013 was above 100,000 households, posting 40% growth in 15 months. As the company informs, increased coverage is a result of previous investments in this leading technology that enables...

“Telekom” will pay EUR 44,2 million dividends

Macedonian telecommunication operator “Telekom” 23 – 30 April will pay off last year’s dividends, according to the Dividends Draft-Decision, published on “Macedonian Stock Market”. Company’s last year...

Landline prices drop

As of 1st March 2014, Macedonian Telekom will reduce the prices for local calls of all landline operators. The price for local and national calls will be unique and instead of the current 3,54 MKD per minute for national calls in the normal...