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Macedonia part of many Czech travel agencies offers

As an attractive tourist destination Macedonia becomes part of regular offer of a number of Czech travel agencies and tour operators, MIA correspondent reports from Prague. Besides the travel agencies “Cedok”, “Poznani”...

New tourism development zones

-There is a huge increase in the number of tourists, especially foreign, as a result of the series of government’s measures, activities and subventions for tourism development – emphasized Minister of Economy Saraqini in Parliament. According...

“Lonely Planet” recommends : Macedonia one of the top 10 places to go in 2014

In its electronic version, world travel guide “Lonely Planet” in the special edition  “The Best Places To Go In 2014, According To Lonely Planet”, recommends Macedonia as “one of the best country among the best”,...

In August, 11,4 percent more tourists

This year 127.607 tourists are registered in Macedonia, and 586.635 overnights. According to the national statistics the number of tourists during this period increased by 11,4 percents, compared to the same period last year. But, the number...

American tourist groups next year in Macedonia

During the business forum in Boston (USA), the corporation “Kutrubes travel” declared that in May and September next year will bring american tourist groups in Macedonia. They’ll spend eight thousand dollars on this project. Katy...