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Gruevski: We are ready to go into opposition and fight against illogical and harmful demands

If SDSM accepts DUI’s demands, we are ready to go into opposition and as an opposition we will do everything in our power not to accept the demands in Parliament, which are unreasonable and detrimental to the country, the VMRO-DPMNE leader...

Gruevski: Citizens recognized the interference of diplomats and foreign countries

All citizens have recognized that certain diplomacies and states are trying by all means to help SDSM to be more desirable by the Macedonian voters, while VMRO-DPMNE is vilified and put into unpleasant situation, where citizens will begin...

TV Nova launches mobile studio during election campaign (photo gallery)

  Just like television networks such as CNN and Fox, TV Nova has launched a mobile studio which will closely monitor the activities of the main political parties during the election campaign. TV Nova is introducing new standards in the...

Todorov: Police officers and soldiers risked their lives and searched every inch in the floods

The storm that hit the Skopje region is the biggest natural disaster that has ever happened to Macedonia after the 1963 earthquake. The damage will be compensated, but we are deeply saddened by the death of 22 people, said Deputy Prime...

Trpevski: Political crisis must be resolved, otherwise the economy will suffer

Third bank panic is happening to Macedonia, said former governor Ljube Trpevski for TV Nova on Thursday. “The first was in 1999 during the NATO bombing of former Yugoslavia, when there was a large influx of refugees from Kosovo. The...