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Columnist: Aco Stankovski

Tales narrated by an unidentified storyteller – mostly believed to be told by folk geniuses – are as fascinating in their invention as they are sententious.

In fact, they are a sublimate of a vast and proven experience and they are suggesting to a truth which is approximating with an infinite preciseness.

Precisely in the spirit of the folk genus, these tales refer to the reality which happens right in front of our – almost always – astounded selves.

But, why the astounding? After so many Scyllas and Charybdis’, have we still not gained enough experience to substitute astounding with a certain precognition?

Discordance is probably bringing in a certain quantum of confusion, followed by a fanatic and almost maniacally insisting on false prophets of veracity, on their improper testimonials, similar to those of a prostitute testifying of her customers’ preferences.

“Catch the thief” – the thief himself yells, after being caught red-handed in flagrante times before, than pardoned by his former mentor, who – strangely – in this new era when Napoleon le Petit has ascended on the false wings of the great governing ambition, was also targeted by the bombs ejector, blackmailing him and disciplining him from the shameful powerless position. That is what the people defines as ‘biting the hand that leads you’. But, Napoleon le Petit makes no compromises in the fight for making his dreams come true at all costs.

However, as soon as the firing of explosive feces is done and the calvary of Napoleon le Petit begins, his former mentor will not be here to save him from the dark and difficult reality which is inevitable karmic consequence after he carried out the so-called “art of the possible” with lack of principles and moral.

He will also drag along his accomplices to the bottom with him.

As if the main factor of decision-making in the course of this grotesque was waiting for Napoleon le Petit to end his performance, and than…

Just like in one of the most glorious tales of the Arabian folk genius’ collection – ‘1001 Night’ – in which the fantastic Scheherazade was forced to tell the stories to her husband, the governor, who cannot be with the same woman more than one night. Therefore, clever Scheherazade stops telling the story right before the most interesting part, and the caliph lets her live till the next night to hear the end, but Scheherazade – after she finishes the story – starts telling another one, and stops again right before dawn, thus buying herself more time…

But, Napoleon le Petit has no such qualities like the beautiful and intelligent Scheherazade and his stories are becoming increasingly boring, while the investigation aimed at deconstruction of his professional habitues indicates an increasingly vast criminal opus.

“Catch the thief” – all the fraudsters from the time of transition are yelling, desperately attempting – with all their scribomania – to reconstruct our memory and to to convince us that all that frittering of Macedonia’s economy and lowering salaries to 50 Deutsche marks (don’t you, gentlemen, elite citizens and saprofyte snobs from the NGO sector remember) was, in fact, the dolce vita period.

“Things have never been worse” – is one of the slogans of these impotent revolutionaries whose main overthrowing activity is lethal threats over the phone. “We will cut your head off, cram it on a stick, our front-line attackers will beat you black and blue” are part of the offer of these undercover assassins. Where are those recordings now?

OK, I will help you remember: the leading promoter in the presidential campaign of the opposition candidate, whose perverse voice I can now hear reading ads, of both the government and privately-owned companies, was the same voice who used to call me and threaten me and make death threats, following orders of the frenzied opposition members.

Had it not been so grotesque, it would have been funny.

Or, what happened to the threats of Napoleon le Petit to his former fellow party members?

Those who know the background of these entities, have no illusions regarding the lack of moral and cultivation of the camarilla that surrounds Napoleon le Petit.

But, hope dies last, and in this case it has been located in the ‘international’, which – paradoxically – is crashing like a house of cards. Do you really think such minor thing, such as the cannonade of Napoleon le Petit, will concern it? OK, maybe, at first. But now, when all this jumping and worry-gutting are becoming trivial and melt in the sea of everyday banalities and the international factor starts being indolent. Lies and unfounded ambitions of Napoleon le Petit have wearied everyone.

In the story of the lying shepherd there is another indication of the fatality these virtual strategies can inflict to the integrity of the very protagonist.

Namely, some shepherd felt immense boredom with his job and decided to make some fun of his fellow villagers, so he started shouting: “Wolf! Wolf!” and his fellow villagers rushed towards him immediately. But, there was no wolf and the villagers left feeling slightly deceived. After a while, the shepherd decided to have some fun again and re-staged the same scenario, upsetting his fellow villagers for nothing who had arrived once again and realized they have been played, but this time they decided they will not fall for the same lies of the provocateur again.

But, the wolf did come around and when the shepherd started yelling for help, none of his fellow villagers arrived to help him.

Did the wolf eat the shepherd, too? – Well, that shall be a problem left to the history to decide.