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Ten most successful Albanian companies on the Macedonian market


Ten biggest Albanian companies participate with the country’s turnover index of 1.5 per cent, say from the Economic Chamber of North-West Macedonia. According to them, as Republika Shqip informs, 64 of this companies realize an annual turnover of more than 2.000.000 euros, 20 companies realize more than 5.000.000 euros annual turnover and 9 companies realize more than 9.000.000 annual turnover. 5 companies have an annual turnover of more than 27.000.000 euros.

On the list of ten most successful companies are “Gemak”, company for distribution of alcoholic beverages, tobacco products and coffee, then “Euro Activa”, “Dauti Komerc”, “Alma M”, “Jus MB”, “Adrijus”, “Bas Tuti-Friuti”, “Vardar Dolomit”, “Kokra E Art”.

According to the President of the Economic Chamber of North-West Macedonia, Menderes Kuchi, in these times of crisis the companies are facing decrease in demand, as on the domestic market so on the foreign.

-However, they managed to attain around 530 million euros annual turnover, and most of them managed to keep their last year’s positions among the 100 best companies. I congratulate them on their success, professionalism and dedication. 100 most successful Albanian companies have shown notable results in 2013 and I hope that they will also continue like that in the future – stated Kuchi.

Minister of Economy, Valon Saraqini, says that the 100 best companies include companies of various sections.