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Tensions at “Manaki Brothers” Film Festival press conference


After Sunday’s world premiere of the Macedonian film “To The Hilt” directed by Stole Popov, a press conference was held Monday at press center of the International Cinematographers’ Film Festival (ICFF) “Manaki Brothers” in Bitola whereat impressions by filmmaker, cinematographer and actors were presented.

“After several unsuccessful attempts for financing and screening this film project, my dream to shoot film about Macedonian freedom fighters has been fulfilled. I am satisfied of what I have done and also of how the audience welcome the film”, filmmaker Stole Popov said.

On journalist question in regard to Popov’s decision to leave the festival’s opening ceremony and unpaid financial resources to owners of Bitola’s stores he explained that he was surprised for not being simply welcomed and greeted as it is appropriate for such events. It would have been more adequate if I was welcomed with dignity as filmmaker by someone, he added.

Director of ICFF Labina Mitevska reacted at the open press conference which demanded from Popov to behave with dignity after which he publicly apologized.

“As a festival we are making our best to welcome all our guests equally. We are happy that we have a premiere of a good film yesterday, and we should put all misunderstandings behind. Our goal is to promote authors and their work, their art and we should continue in the same manner as we have been doing previously. I am very sorry that someone use all this in different purpose maybe for personal promotion, however I think that the best thing is that we have good films and the audience is to enjoy watching them. I do not understand misunderstandings and if they exist I am resolving them immediately, I do not understand misunderstandings that are spoken publicly and tendentiously, Labina Mitevska”, Director of ICFF “Manaki Brothers” said.