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The dice is round


Budimka Popovska
(nun Makrina)

How to reach a goal?


A clear goal should be set. Otherwise, you might cross it not knowing you got there.


You should get to know yourself first. Exactly: stand in front of the mirror and shake your own hand. Loving life, or yourself is like narrow channel through which life (capital L) flows, is the sine qua non condition.

And you too, son? Naturally, love should be unconditional, above all. It is the only condition for love – if anything starts smelling like conditions, even remotely – run! Than loneliness turns into a strange quiz, where answers are brought to you slowly and enter your soul as a legend – something that needs to be read. From the air.


You should trust yourselves. If what you have been imagining has not been realized yet, it a sign that your patience will soon reach the shine of a diamond. How otherwise does one grinds it? The skill of silent waiting is one of the greatest talents, the rest is just work, on yourself.


When you meet the fear of being average and that you are just like the others, who you do not really like, that is the time! Start changing yourselves. You cannot change the others, but you can definitely change yourselves! What is the man if not a huge, fruitful field. Unlimited capacity. Potential energy. The brave turn this potential into miracles. Cowards make one mistake – the fear to look fear in its eyes. Once they do, fare is no longer an obstacle. It remains to only be a vineyard guard. Everything can be learned.


The right direction is most important. You are both compass and road. This is what N. Tesla said to the two brotherly nations on the Balkans before he left the old continent and left for America: if you harness all the hatred you feel to each other in a power plant, you could light half of the European citis with that amount of energy!


Change the perception of the term “crisis”. Even a dumb astrologer can tell you that no matter how hard it may the situation be, you are subconsciously contributing to that, with one purpose only – to go one step further! Do not get carried away that one can walk in the clouds and make progress at the same time! Play chess. Learn to make the smartest move at the right time, not too soon or too late. Life is a game. One more reason, if the theory that our universe is a small particle in the endless space of varieties is true. Or hang out with quantum physicists who are smarter than you and whose ideas you might find hard to understand, but at least will motivate your mid to accept diversity.

For instance, if you find a bill that you forgot to pay in February in your mailbox, try to remember this: did you play dumb in February when you allowed yourself some kind of unnecessary luxury just to eliminated the feeling of uneasiness? The loan always comes knocking at your door when at least expected. So, learn not to avoid the hard feelings. Watch them. Stay calm and they will disappear just like the rain evaporates from on hot asphalt. On account of that, make sure you pay your bills regularly. No but.


Finally, what to do when the Almighty says “action” in the great ring of the wide-ranging opportunities, or just at a random moment? How do you deal with problems that can trouble your mind in just a second? With positive thinking or you sometimes have to say abracadabra? Or maybe by using some old simple trick? Perhaps by giving somebody a slap in the face, or a punch, a kick, Mae Geri and the like? By giving a hug? By blessing a beggar while passing by?

This is not just a tourist offer for the oppressed and blocked from spells since early childhood. The main problem that people have is themselves, so that is how they should handle it. And do not ask if something is really solved by just looking at the sun. Watch. And somehow you will throw the dice all by yourself.