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The director form Gosince wanted


Columnist: Nenad Mircevski

Following the terrorist attack in Gosince, a new, synchronized attack of state institutions was quite expected and took place via opposition media and ‘experts’, attempting to point fingers at the government, saying it has orchestrated the incident.

Actually, there is no doubt Gosinci needs to be the new Tanusevci, which will be used to carry out “controlled destabilization”, and than – following the 2001 scenario – to expect new bloody epilogue of the crisis.

But, apart from political abuse of the act of terrorism  by the opposition and its media, two things – which the entire public agrees with – keep the hope alive that 2001 will be avoided.

Firstly, that the attack in Gosince has been orchestrated and the it has to do with the current political crisis in the country, aiming to cause inter-ethnic clashes.

Secondly, that there are no realistic reasons for another conflict between Macedonians and Albanians to be provoked.

Why are these to facts of extreme importance?

If it’s general knowledge that there are no reasons for further bloodshed and that it is someone’s scenario, the next logical question we need to look for an answer to is “who has ordered it”? But, in order to get to the director, the actors from Gosince need be caught first.

While the public is awaiting information from the investigation and a reaction from the competent institutions, opposition media did not waste a single second to point to the government as an organizer of the incident. The verdict was made urgently, without any evidence, with no logical arguments and without stopping for a second to think that such thesis might add fuel to the fire. One could immediately notice the “flexible theses” of the self-proclaimed professional journalists and experts, whose theses were denying each other. So, while some were referring to information from former UCK members, claiming Ahmeti is not behind the uniformed group, but Gruevski is (!), others were referring to intel and bragged they knew in advance where the “group of UCK military veterans” was staying. Other ones, in an effort to protect someone else’s interests, came out with a thesis that “the scenario of the government is amateurish because it’s impossible to determine attackers’ origin so soon”.

Attempting to sell the ridiculous theses, Soros mercenaries did not restrain themselves from insulting all those who do not share their opinions and called “stupid” everyone who allegedly couldn’t see that the government is behind the attack. Their fun was spoiled by their very own messiah who came forward the next day with a stance that besides everything, it is still possible that guerrilla radical groups, who have no connection to the government at all, might be behind the attack of the border watchtower. To them, all these nebulous claims are insignificant as long as their media revolve around the key words “government”, “orchestrated scenario” and “crisis”.

The opposite logic many analysts have been warning for ever since the beginning of the forged crisis, is that the scenario from 2001 is being intentionally replayed with the purpose of provoking a military conflict that would lead to the creation of a transitional government, than to a new marionette government which will be controlled by the creators of the scenario. To accomplish the goals of the foreign centers of power, inside political support is required, which they currently receive from SDSM and its leader, Zoran Zaev. That is exactly why the incidents carried out by mercenaries were expected, just like opposition’s attacks were.

The question now is: will the country have the capacity to prevent bloody outcome this time on time. Institutions are obliged to fully eliminate all threats to country’s security and stability. If they fail to do so and the scenario from 2001 reoccurs, they will also have to bear part of the responsibility.