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The marks of the global society on our crisis


Prof. Jovanka Kepeska PhD

The tendencies in modern societies, apart from the domestic, appear as reasons for the crisis in our society.

The mutual separation of the individuals and the loss of their relation to the integrity of society are manifested worldwide. Something in the communication of the individual reduced to a mobile phone and the simple and one-sided information received also in electronic form. Thereby, the information is delivered with shifted focus of attention from the key negative social moments that arise from neoliberal shape of the economy, primarily of corporate ownership and the concentration of social wealth in a small group of people. For example, as is the case in the US, the national wealth that is concentrated through corporate ownership in 200 families. And the situation is identical in Europe. The power of the financial institutions affects the functioning of the political system, especially when there is a lack of political action.

These are the reasons that limit and stagnate democratic representation, the performances and the participation of the majority in deciding general things. Due to the omission of political action to overcome the negative processes and the disorientation, individuals, some parts of the population turn their anger, depression, anxiety toward secondary social issues and inadequate, and often interrelated.

Due to such consequences for society, the neoliberalism today experiences sharp criticism by the wise people of today. Currently, before the US elections, but also enduringly for extreme tendencies in society to turn to the right, the emergence of neo-Nazism and fascism and because of turning right to the traditional DemoChristian and Social Democratic parties.

We can see that many forms of ill-directed behaviors, as those recently here, the anger of different groups, exhibit disorientation, counterpart of the same, manifested worldwide. They were not focused on broader and theoretical and elaborated platform, on the development needs of society and its reformation. Weren’t the processes of corporate ownership, concentration of wealth in a small group of people and the impact of the institutions of financial capital present in the practice of the political system and of the government? So that the action remained a superficial attitude towards solving the real social problems.

Although the political crisis, which was manifested as a conflict between the parties, in addition, it showed something that is specific to us and that is the contradictory structuring of the Macedonian society as a basis for different political articulation, but also conflicts in the consciousness. In the absence of a platform that would overcome the disorganization of society, such conduct sharpens the separation of society and prevents cooperation. Therefore, the action, instead of building a social organization, is reduced to braking of something that leads to a return of the old inanimate. That’s why the crisis has been exacerbated and directed to shaking the entire state order, the rule of law and the institutional order of action.

And the crisis, even though it seemed that it was arising on political grounds, demonstrated deeper roots and survives as opposing parts of the population. Something which itself suggests that the old consciousness hinders the dialogue and the ability to overcome the contradictions. In doing so, it becomes clear that the old classification of left-wing and right-wing parties no longer exists. The parties that, formally, although leftist, as exponents of the interests of the etatist-bureaucratic structures, in fact, maintaining the status quo, are not ready to change and upgrade society. Such is the case with the left-wing parties worldwide that still haven’t built a genuine strategy and successful tactics. They didn’t realize the sense of political action and therefore they ceased to be key societal stakeholders.

The bad approach to the issues of the nationality identification, at the same time, left the primacy to the DemoChristian parties.

Unfortunately, space was left for emergence of the far right party.

And those parties that managed to exceed the actual problems in people’s lives, took the star for progressing.