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The need for vision for political dialogue


Columnist: Timco Mucunski, PhD student in Law

In a conversation with a representative of one of the most influential American organizations about the US influence in our region of the world I confirmed the position I have long had. According to him, with the advent of Barack Obama’s administration, the US has been gradually diverting its focus from Europe, primarily from Central Europe and the Western Balkans – the region where the presence of the most powerful country in the world earlier was more than evident. My interlocutor pointed to something that certain subjects in this country do not know or do not want to know. Namely, the US is strategically defocusing their attention from our wider region to other regions and countries because they think their further engagement is unnecessary in societies where the process of democratization is already in a really advanced phase.

Tragically and unfortunately, international intervention is always sought to resolve every political problem in our country. The calls and expectations for international involvement in resolving political problems and court cases are uncommon, destructive and open space for action by those political players who obviously do not believe in their capacities and whose actions do not include the strategic interests of our country. What is more uncomfortable is that those who create the problem are not fully aware of the damage caused by their actions and therefore they do not understand that in a democratic state the problems are resolved within the legal institutions of the system, regardless if it is the legislative, executive or judicial segment of power. It is not clear how it is possible for someone to believe and expect that improving the democratic process and coming to power is actually achieved without elections and by using undemocratic means. Upon the call for international intervention, those who are “called” to intervene strike back and repeat that they believe in our political maturity and expect the current political and legal problems to be resolved in Parliament and in the institutions of the system as soon as possible.

The “Putsch” case should soon be legally resolved in a transparent and appropriate legal procedure. Everything else related to this case enters in the domain of pure speculation that daily inflicts irreparable damage to the international reputation of the state and its citizens. The fact that any  publishing of unauthorized wiretapped material abuses and violates the privacy of the persons who have been wiretapped is no less important.

This primarily legal problem should be cleared as soon as possible, and requires the presence of all political parties in Parliament and the opening of all roads that can lead to a compromise, and which is also of great interest for Macedonia’s progress in the Euro-Atlantic integration process.

Judicial organs and judicial officers are facing an extremely difficult exam and challenge, and we have to believe in their highlevel of responsibility, independence and willingness to invest their entire capacity and professional knowledge. Of course, we are left to hope that there will be a rapid unveiling of the organizers of the illegal actions and the whole truth will be presented to the public eye. In the aforementioned direction, simultaneously with the investigation of the law enforcement authorities and the opening of a possible court closure, the case should be also reviewed in Parliament, using the opportunity to, finally, open active political dialogue between the government and the opposition and eventually establish appropriate Standing Inquiry Committee for a full investigation of the case.

We as citizens, of course, stand for a fair and transparent process, with a strong respect for the principles of legality, independence, impartiality and expertise in the administration of justice, especially taking into account the respect for the presumption of innocence during the criminal proceedings.

I believe that none of us wants the events related to the subject “Putsch” to create division among ourselves and lead to increased political, security and social uncertainty and instability of the institutions, and to threaten the functionality of the social order.

Politicians have a high level of responsibility and must not forget that the political struggle must be conducted transparently, with a strong respect for the rule of law and democratic principles, which is an appropriate guarantee for the preservation of unity, maintaining sustainable dialogue and  growth of confidence, but also preserving the legitimacy of the legal institutions in the state. I would  not want us to witness the situation in which politics and its interests will be stronger than the rule of law.

The faster we learn and apply the latest political lesson, the more our vision, knowledge and skills will be really valued and rewarded accordingly, both at home and beyond our borders.