Sunday, 28 November 2021 | News today: 0

The New Era will bring 150,000 jobs and many projects for better life of Stip citizens

Instead of their empty words and false promises, choose our very specific, very precise projects and promises that you know will come true. The New Era brings two and a half times higher per capita income – or  an increase of 5 to 12 thousand denars. That means approximately two and a half times higher standard of living (2.5 times more money for spending than now). Parents will have 2.5 times more money for their families, for their children, 2.5 times more money for vacation, to buy a home, for food, for clothes, for school, for the market, for cars, not just for life, but for a truly better life, VMRO-DPMNE leader Nikola Gruevski said in his address at the rally of VMRO-DPMNE and the coalition in Stip.

Pensioners will have two and a half times more for themselves and their grandchildren, farmers will have 2.5 times higher subsidies and more income – to buy new tractors, buy new machinery, get new land, get the house rebuild. And that will mean 2.5 times more money for the modernization of villages, streets, roads, irrigation networks and all other needs. Companies will grow, their profits will grow, there will be more money for workers.  That will bring 2.5 times more money to invest in new roads, new schools, hospitals, kindergartens and salary increases for doctors, teachers, police, the military.

The New Era will bring 150,000 jobs, poverty rate will drop by 3/4, low taxes, unemployment rate among young people will be halved and larger opportunities for acquiring your own home, increased salaries, pensions and subsidies, much more investment in ecology for a cleaner environment. The allocation of 6% of GDP for financing education, improving the quality of knowledge and creative abilities of young people in order to come in the situation of the Republic of Macedonia entering the first half of the Pisa list in the area of education. A new era of big investments in ecology, Macedonia that will become a net importer of electricity, a country in which intelligent and sustainable cities operate, a park and a playground in every neighborhood, Gruevski said.