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The people will end the destruction – 63 MPs for safe Macedonia


Nenad Mircevski

The call of VMRO-DPMNE leader Nikola Gruevski for mass support on 11 December, which would bring 63 seats to the party, and the aggressive start of field activities of the leadership of VMRO-DPMNE caused a huge panic among the opposition, which still hopes, regardless of the outcome of the elections, to obtain ministerial posts in the new government, with which again would to come to power without the will of the citizens and prolong the crisis indefinitely.

Nobody in the opposition bloc hopes for election victory anymore. Despite all comic public appearances of SDSM leadership while trying to maintain the morale of its membership with funny announcements for some kind of a “certain victory”, their real purpose at the upcoming elections will be to narrow the gap as much as possible in order to be able to obstruct the establishment and functioning of the new legally elected government. That would mean new negotiations, new threats and damage to the state and its citizens, as well as continuing the political life of Zaev and Sekerinska, at least until spring.

As expected and very transparent, given the fact that the opposition has no projects and development plans that would have won over voters, during the election campaign it will compensate the gap of 200,000 votes through Katica Janeva by intensifying the smear campaign against the leadership of VMRO-DPMNE, hunting Albanian votes pledging bilingualism and federalization, as well as by buying the support of Soros mercenaries guaranteeing them functions and MP seats. At the same time, the right opposition bloc will have the task to “steal” as many VMRO votes as possible and thus the opposition to move to minus 100,000.

In other words, SDSM will not go after victory, but it will go after a narrow defeat in order to enter the new government at all costs, which would be broad or minority. Zaev would accept a defeat of about 100,000 votes even now in order to dispute the results and immediately call for new elections. In such conditions, even if VMRO-DPMNE somehow manages to form a government with the winning party from the Albanian bloc, it would be serious blackmailed for concessions to the detriment of the Macedonian people. On account of this, however, the economic development will suffer, reducing unemployment and improving living standard, and the people will continue to live under severe psychosis and under constant fear of new conflicts, new terrorist attacks, new violent protests …

For a clearer picture of the scenario that should push the country into a new crisis, it is enough to cast an eye over the post-election developments in Montenegro. Last week’s elections in this Balkan country, which were also supposed to mean putting  an end to the political crisis, suffered a huge fiasco. Even without the election results being announced, the country has sunk into further instability. Because of the narrow result, both the government and the opposition have declared themselves as winners blaming each other of election irregularities. Montenegro’s State Election Commission failed to solve the situation, resulting in a fight between members in an effort to publish the preliminary election results.

The Macedonian people will avoid the trap in which the Montenegrins have fallen by winning a landslide victory over the creators of the black scenario for disintegration of Macedonia on December 11. After two years of torture, insults, humiliation, blackmail, threats, physical attacks … the voice of the citizens finally will be heard. The Macedonian citizens will severely punish the anti-state policy of Zaev and the entire leadership of SDSM and will make it clear that their time has long expired and that they are not welcomed on the political stage.

As much as SDSM disputes the results of the polls, all previous measurements of public opinion show that not only VMRO-DPMNE will re-gain the trust of the citizens to run the country, but also there are grounds to hope for a landslide victory that would ensure 60 or more MPs. Winning absolute majority is not impossible, it is very realistic, given the continuity in VMRO DPMNE’s pledge fulfillment and the accumulated anger over the destructiveness of Zaev and SDSM.

As a reminder, from 2008 to 2011 VMRO-DPMNE had 63 MPs , gaining the trust of more than 480,000 Macedonian citizens in the early elections back then. It had almost identical support in the early elections in 2014, but then these votes ensured “only” 61 seats. In both cases, the difference in terms of the opposition SDSM was over 200,000 votes.

The repetition of these results not only will be a confirmation of the confidence in the policies of VMRO-DPMNE, but also a referendum “yes” to end the crisis and the destruction of SDSM.