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The people will judge 2015 hardships in 2016



Nenad Mircevski

The year we leave behind will be remembered in history as the year in which the opposition led by the pardoned Zoran Zaev supported by external centers of power, including the ambassadors in the country, as well as domestic and foreign criminal structures tried to overthrow the government by force, contrary to the will of the citizens. Obviously, the long prepared scenario, which has plunged the country into severe hardships, failed to meet the determined objectives of the persons who issued the orders within the projected period though it has brought the country to the brink of civil war.

We started the year with Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski’s address, in which he revealed the Coup affair to the nation, accusing the opposition leader of attempted blackmail and violent overthrow. Gruevski urged the people to be patient and promised to find out the whole truth about who is behind Zaev. Although the public did not have much details of the danger ahead of Macedonia, it very well knew that followed, perhaps, the most difficult period for the country since its independence. People were aware that they have to endure these difficult challenges if they want to preserve the country and that is why they did not succumb to the provocations that were to cause bloodshed first through the violent protests outside the government building and then through the events in Divo Naselje.

Despite the strong provocations, heavy insults, orchestrated lies and manipulations spread by the opposition media, the citizens remained calm and retained their patience expecting peaceful denouement in which they will have the final word. After the trap of a new fratricidal war, in which you Macedonian blood was to be shed for foreign interests, was successfully avoided, Zaev ‘s “foreign friends”, who with unprecedented pressure, force, imposed the Przino Agreement which brutally violated the Constitution and the laws, all in order again to make way for bypassing the will of the people and to save the skin of their pawns, were activated .

In order to be sure there is someone to protect the criminals operating on the demolition of the state order, they invented Katica Janeva and the paradoxical unconstitutional institution “special prosecutor” and installed SDSM Secretary General Oliver Spasovski as top policeman. After they set up the “security umbrella” they expected to turn the people against the government via fabricated lies and spreading falsehood, but the discovery of the “affairs factory” spoiled their plans from which we are yet to learn many details about the links of the opposition with the underworld and their true “Vision for Macedonia”.

Now, at the end of the year, the picture is much clearer, but there are still many unanswered questions for which the public will not stop demanding answers in 2016. Unfortunately, it is more than clear that the heavy uncertainty will be not be left behind in the New Year’s Eve, but it will follow us in the new year as well. But no matter how many times Zaev and his associates cross themselves  that the foreigners will do their work, it should be more clear to them that the peak of the crisis will be on April 24. That is when the people will make the final decision. No matter how much the opposition is afraid of the people and wants to avoid the elections, it must be aware that even with the “friends from abroad” it can not bypass the people’s will. The gang that holds the country hostage will have to face the people. If it escapes from the elections, it will meet them on the street.

Hence, we can say that if 2015 was the year that will be remembered by Zaev’s intrigues and affairs, 2016 will be the year in which the citizens will make a decision and deliver appropriate punishment.