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The unknown


Aco Stankovski

Gods, humans and all conscious entities that exist in the register of conscious beings among them, everyone is afraid of the unknown. The unknown offers all assumed varieties. The good ones, the ones filled with joy, but also the scary ones, which create a feeling of heaviness and sorrow, they are all contained in the concept of the unknown.

The scary and undesirable beings are the hidden and secret weapon of the unknown. It is a timed murderous weapon, set in the most sensitive part of our being. Here it is, waiting for the moment to step in.

Although we are all aware of this fatality, we simply forget, suppress, ignore and do all sorts of craziness and nonsense to get out of this fatal projection.

But as with some rubber band, our souls again and again are brought back to the source of anxiety, to the epicenter of the unknown.

However, there is no specific information, answers that would treat that damned pain of the soul, which keeps digging through the corridors of our mental outlook.

Apropos the unknown, there is nothing smart to say. Any attempt to do so will inevitably end up in the landfill of countless courtesies that are spent as napkins for wiping saliva. One palliative and ephemeral solution is that, our grief creates mucus that should be wiped off. And so.

It would be better to train our perceptual mechanism of forgetting quickly, exclusion, defocusing, then, at least, we will better experience what it is spread like a life platform to the gates of the unknown.

Otherwise, over and over again we will be facing the terrible performances of the unknown, the most terrible, even the most inexplicable ugly creature that hides in the vast jungle of fear.

There are countless dangers in the areas of the unknown. Beasts of inexplicable bloodthirst and cruelty, waiting there in their hidden ambushes. Uncertainty creates vibrant moments of anticipation. All conventional doctrines and tranquilizers here do not have any significant effect.

In the gravity of the unknown, man loses all kinds of illusions to escape this fatal trap. He loses the last hope, loses the strength and the will disappears and his being imperceptibly transforms into an inert mass, which is not its concern. Dead mass.

Thus, totally unspectacularly, painfully and quite chaotically, comes the essence of the unknown. And that should be the end of this seemingly exhausting game.

This extinguishing of stubbornness and all the illusions that drive the sense of our life occur whenever any of my professional community is lost beyond the horizon of the unknown. When the artist leaves the stage of creation and of life, he always comes to a thorough meditation about the meaning of all things and the very phenomenon of existence.

Then, incredible cognitive insights, unexpected illuminations and pictures emerge, which so clearly and firmly go against the tide of conventional thinking experiences.

In these moments of great loss on personal, also on collective level, suddenly the unknown assumes deep and unyielding sense. As if it is becoming a factor in explaining the very essence of the human being. That, actually, that terrible and incomprehensible being, behind which the unknown has been hiding, now becomes just one frame, that is, a calligraphic decor of the authentic adventure of creativity.

Thus, all those insignificant and marginal things, now become shiny vignettes that further explain the unknown as inevitable.

There are no difficulties and suffering, but a subtle relief that sees infinity as continuous and blissful disclosure.

The discarded elements of the artist’s experiment through work and life, in these moments are revealed as incomparable value associated with eternity and spirit.

Then, the submerged and hidden treasures are shown in their true light.

That is how the great epopee of the history of art is filled, in whose foundation is the eternal message of unconditional giving.

When the artist goes into the thick and blinding fog of the unknown, well, then, we begin to acknowledge the true goals of life and of existence.

What remains is the work, the opus of the creator, the sublimity of his life, his emotions and thoughts. And that is not small in this world where everything ends up as dust and ashes.

“Ars longa, vita brevis” – art is long, life short, is an imposing fact, regardless of which philosophical direction our worldview belongs to.

And now, here we are, standing amidst the ocean of the unknown, trembling with all the anxiety of our dark and dire thoughts. But among this dark rapture, filled with fear and resignation, there, over the horizon, as if a new star of hope and tranquility is being born.

It is our artist sending a message from across the unknown, a message, full of comfort and joy, a message of beauty that lasts.

To maestro Giche.