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“This is not embarrassment for Macedonia, but for the international community”


Nenad Mircevski



Macedonia 1999

The remark of the EU Commissioner for Migration, Dimitris Avramopoulos, on the Balkan countries (read Macedonia and Serbia), that they did not take measures to close the Balkan route of the immigration, is the highlight of the humiliating and hypocritical policy of Brussels and Athens to Macedonia. Nebulous claims that the country did not help prevent the crisis are only strong indication that Brussels cowardly attempts to cover its inability to face the problem, while apparently expecting Macedonia to turn into a huge refugee camp, which will accommodate all unwanted guests from the Middle East.

With series of manipulative reports, German newspapers and televisions have been actively included in the campaign in which impoverished Balkan countries should be presented as inhospitable ground for the beleaguered Syrians and the Balkans to be presented as people who have forgotten what humanity means and how is to be a refugee. In their “professional” text they blame the Macedonian media and the Macedonian politicians that they ignored the refugee chaos.

At the same time, there is unfounded criticism that the Macedonian police officers kept the immigrants under the hot sun for hours, that they did not give them water, that they could not control them, and that trains were old and dirty. It is even noted that someone must put an end to the chaos. In the reports there is no recommendation to the Macedonian police to treat immigrants as in Europe, with clubs such the German, French and the Bulgarian police. There is no explanation that the trains are not only old and dirty, but also probably damaged from the daily transport of thousands of migrants. Of course, the damage is again paid by the state, i.e the Macedonian people.

Yes, it is true that someone has to put an end to the chaos, but for that the finger should be pointed out to Brussels and Berlin and London, where these people are actually headed to, not to Macedonia, which for unclear reasons, was selected as their staging post. I say, unclear reasons because it is unclear why the refugees who arrive in Greece and therefore step on EU territory, do not to travel to Western Europe through Bulgaria and Romania (which are also members of the Union), but decide to exit its ground and then risk to enter illegally ?!


Macedonia 2015

The German articles and reports which conceivably defend their state policy and the EU policy, did not say how small and poor Macedonia should stop the refugee tsunami, which actually comes from a member-state of the EU? If Brussels knows how, has the will and a minimum of humanity to face this humanitarian disaster, why then has not faced the problem on its territory, on the islands and on the coast of Greece? Why the Union, whose existence is based on respect for human rights and freedoms, is violating the convention for refugees in an insidious way, while approving organized transport of these suffering people, including dangerous terrorists, to the border with Macedonia ?

Only part of the Macedonian media write about all these false accusations and slander. Soros hirelings not only are silent, but they do not even think about writing a word of criticism or the unprofessional attitude of the German media, nor about the slander of the EU Commissioner for Migration, nor about any European politician which unfoundedly attacks Macedonia on this issue. Not to speak about sending a message to the international community and the foreign ambassadors in the country, openly calling them for a rapid reaction to prevent a humanitarian disaster.

The indifferent behavior of the ambassadors is unjustified, who during the events in Kumanovo ran from their residences in pajamas in order to tell the public how many officers were killed in the settlement of Divo Naselje and warned about a possible humanitarian disaster in the city. Now, where are those same diplomats to send a message to the countries they come from that Macedonia, a partner of the West, is under a great risk, both humanitarian and safety.

Only part of the Macedonian media have been treated this issue for weeks. Simply, Soros helpers can not be expected to write any text critical of the Western diplomats, and thus protect the country, for a simple reason that those same journalists and media neither have the courage nor the desire to disrupt the relations with their sponsors in the interest of the Macedonian citizens.

Our country was similarly treated during the Kosovo crisis in 1999, when Europe cowardly left it alone to face with 300,000 refugees. And then as now, instead of aid, poisonous arrows with serious criticism of the treatment of refugees were thrown at Macedonia. From that period the words of then Deputy Foreign Minister, now the late President of Macedonia, Boris Trajkovski, will remain in eternal memory forever, who audaciously and very courageous she said that the international community should be ashamed of the attitude towards tiny Macedonia and also gave a concrete proposal how to solve the problem.

If the international community does not take the challenge that Macedonia is facing with seriously and does not send emergency assistance, Macedonian authorities should not hesitate to send Trajkovski’s message in 1999, all in order to protect the state and the Macedonian people .

“I hear that on CNN goes, according to me, a shameful conclusion, that this is an embarrassment for Macedonia. This is a embarrassment for the international community. None of you wonders what the problems of this government and this state. You follow events from afar very nicely. I will propose something concrete. Send hundred airplanes to Skopje airport and take them to Stockholm. “

Boris Trajkovski 1999