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This is not VMRO-DPMNE’s plan: If I made the plan, it would have been much better, this is Zaev’s plan to change the name

VMRO-DPMNE leader Hristijan Mickoski was on TV21’s “Click Plus” show on Wednesday evening. When asked by Lirim Dullovi about VMRO-DPMNE’s plans, he said that his plan would certainly not be like this, but it would be much better.

I am often asked about Plan A, plan B, this is not Plan A of Hristijan Mickoski, was not Plan A of Hristijan Mickoski’s predecessor, or of Branko Crvenkovski, Ljubco Georgievski, or of Kiro Gligorov. This is the Plan A of Zoran Zaev, you should ask him if he has a Plan B. If I was the one who made Plan A, I would not have made it like this, I would have made a much better deal, said Mickoski.