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Tirana, Athens, Sofia … SDSM sells the national interests everywhere

Nenad Mircevski

Nenad Mircevski

The meeting between Zaev and Borisov in Sofia and the announcement of the signing of a good neighbourly relations agreement is only a step forward towards erasing Macedonian history and uniqueness. There is no other logical explanation for Zaev’s crazy move to unconditionally accept the requests of our eastern neighbour as a condition for its support for Macedonia’s membership in EU and NATO.

Zaev described the day as “closing the chapter of nationalism”, accepting the accusations that the Macedonians are guilty of the imposed open issue of good neighborly relations with Bulgaria. Every normal person would ask what exactly is Zaev closing? If the agreement is historical, as he and the bandits from SDS and Soros media have announced, then why is it hidden from the Macedonian public? Why he is not facing the Macedonians as a true leader and announce the “good news” from Sofia, instead of wooing the foreigners with insults against his own people? Who gave him the right to negotiate and to sell national interests alone, without prior consultation with the people and with the scientific community?

It is shocking how Zaev allows himself to make such decisions without a transparent scientific debate on which all the benefits will be exposed, but also the dangers of such historical decisions. Moreover, since his installation in the government, he could tell nothing but to announce debates on various, much more insignificant issues. What is the problem this extremely important issue for the Macedonians to be publicly released and he as a man who is offering to close the open issues with our neighbours to explain to everyone how they managed to soften the neighbours without harming the national interests? Could there have been a debate, but only in closed circles, in the presence of the real Prime Minister Jess Baily or Zaev, lost in space and in time, at those meetings only nodded his head and received orders? Is he aware that the mandate given by the ambassadors does not allow him to do what he wants with the state and that one day he will be held accountable for a bunch of betrayals?

If the agreement offered by Bulgaria was so acceptable it would have been accepted by one of the previous prime ministers. For comparison, in the negotiations led by VMRO-DPMNE were included MANU academicians.

The academicians, who should be the guardians of our national marks, were against certain points of the agreement that they thought could be fatal for us as people if we accept them in a form offered by neighbouring Bulgaria. Namely, the three most contested points in the then-offered agreement envisaged renunciation of the Macedonian minority in Bulgaria, renunciation of the Macedonian history and the acceptance of a shared history and renunciation of the Macedonian language. Normally, such conditioning from Sofia was not acceptable to the VMRO-DPMNE government, nor to any other previous Macedonian politician who has been in any state function, including Ljubco Georgievski. But, for a man without any moral capacity, brought to power by foreign centers in order to bring serious decisions to the detriment of his own people, it apparently took him only two weeks to accept the disastrous agreement.

However, Zaev is lying to himself if he thinks that the agreement will pass so easily among the Macedonian people. Before Zaev leaves for a joint celebration of Ilinden with Borisov, he will have to answer dozens of questions. First of all, he will have to publicly say whether Macedonia has its own history before 1944, or he bestows Macedonia’s history to Bulgaria for personal interests?

Whether the Ilinden people who gave their life for a free Macedonia were Bulgarians or Macedonians? After all, Macedonia has never objected to welcome guests from other countries on its  most important dates in history. It can be accepted that in certain periods the history of the two peoples has intertwined, but not that there is no Macedonian history. Clearing these details should be left to science and historians, and not to Zaev, who comes from the fields in Murtino.

The acceptance of the agreement offered by Sofia in the form it was offered so far is far more dangerous than at first glance, because it is a step towards the suicide of an entire nation, thus opening a door to change the name without identity and language guarantees. In other words, until we find a solution to the name issue with Greece, we ourselves will destroy our identity and language.

In this way, we are deleting ourselves as people who will remain without its own history, without language and identity. The name change will only be completion of the suicide process. All this shows that this man who is installed to fulfill the orders of the “deep state” has no respect for the Macedonian people nor for their ancestors who paid with blood for the freedom that he enjoys today. It remains to be seen whether the people will allow every fool to sell Macedonia and its historical heritage or end this scandalous treachery.