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Todorov in Stajkovci: 20 mln m2 disinfected, 3 people treated at Infectious Diseases Clinic


Emergency medical care in Stajkovci, Aracinovo and Singelic has been organized, Deputy Prime Minister and Health Minister Nikola Todorov said during his visit to Stajkovci.

“Medical staff has been engaged to help citizens. Disinfection has been carried out on 20 million square meters and it will continue to be carried out for safety and prevention even if there is no need. Fumigation has been also carried out in order to prevent the spread of diseases, Todorov said.

He added that three people are being treated at the Infectious Diseases Clinic.

“It is necessary to isolate the place where they live. The health care system has responded well to the situation. 400 associates from the Ministry of Health have been engaged, and there are visiting teams in the crisis region, medicines have been provided and there is a pharmacy,” Todorov said.