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Todorov: On December 11, people will say big “NO” to Zaev’s efforts to destabilize Macedonia

Today we have to promise to defend our people and our country, tomorrow is the last day of the campaign and only two days until the great victory of VMRO-DPMNE. These days I met and talked with many of you and after that I’m convinced that Butel will massively oppose the ideas of Zaev. On December 11, Butel residents will vote against bilingualism and against changing the Constitution, Nikola Todorov, list carrier in the second electoral district said at Butel rally.

VMRO-DPMNE has the most comprehensive and realistic program so far and we have an obligation to fulfill what we have promised in the program and the prove for that are the numerous jobs, building of highways, construction of sports halls, schools, and for the future we guarantee new jobs, purchasing new medical equipment, subsidies for gas devices in cars, subsidies for citizens who want to use pellet heating and many other projects. And here in Butel we will build and a completely new polyclinic, two new kindergartens, sports courts, and the project for a rural development zones will be part of this settlement, noted Todorov.