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Todorov: Police officers and soldiers risked their lives and searched every inch in the floods

The storm that hit the Skopje region is the biggest natural disaster that has ever happened to Macedonia after the 1963 earthquake. The damage will be compensated, but we are deeply saddened by the death of 22 people, said Deputy Prime Minister and Health Minister Nikola Todorov during his appearance on TV Nova. He once again expressed his condolences to the families of the flood victims.

“That night, at 3 am, was the first meeting of the operational headquarters in Avtokomanda. Everyone was on the ground, the Army and the police immediately intervened. Then, it was the first briefing, we were informed that it was a terrible natural disaster and we immediately agreed how to take action. The first decision was to start with the first phase performed in case of natural disaster. It is a phase of search and rescue. We split the entire region into 3 sectors. One was searched by the police, while another by the Army,” Todorov said.

“The police and the Army had the duty to search every inch, to rescue survivors. The entire time, since the beginning of the operation, all the rules that are intended for such crises and dealing with natural disasters have been respected and implemented in detail,” he said.

“Our government held meetings every night. The first two nights no one slept, neither the coordinators, nor the police or the Army. We brought together the resources and made a good coordination,” said Todorov.