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Total war


Aleksandar Nacev, PhD

The total war that SDSM is currently engaged in with the objective to neutralize its political opponent has become so intensive and so obvious, that I don’t even need to give examples with which I can illustrate to the citizens and to the public that VMRO-DPMNE party officials and the party itself are victims of unseen before political persecution.

The motives behind this persecution of people who have different opinions consists of several motives and these motives deserve particular attention, so that it can be revealed to the public what is the cause for what we are seeing today on the political stage in the Republic of Macedonia.

The first motive, which is obvious to every citizen, is the attempt to defocus the public from the detrimental policies of this Government and the total sale of the macedonian national interests, but also to defocus from the incompetence and lack of ideas how to govern the country. The total focus of SDSM affiliated media on the internal situation of VMRO-DPMNE, and the publication of double-digit number of articles every day on this subject, clearly indicates that the objective of this operation is to focus the attention of the public towards VMRO-DPMNE, and to vilify the party and its officials. On the contrary, you can’t find a single article about the catastrophically bad situation in the public health domain, for example, or about the results of the measuring stations that show the air pollution, which once were used as an excuse by the (then opposition) SDSM officials to parade the streets wearing gas masks. Now, hush and loud silence about these issues in the media. You cannot find a word about the violence across macedonian streets and the total deterioration of the public security, the mob shootings on the streets of the capital, the coldblooded murders (like the ones on Janushev and Sazdovski) for which they need months and even years to start working on, the “drive by” shootings, like the one at the “Aleksandar Pallace” hotel and several other incidents, which can make this article look like a police brief from the best days of the Belgrade underground.

The second motive behind the political persecution of VMRO-DPMNE is the desire of SDSM to destroy its political opponent, because they know as time passes, the end of their rule is coming, and this end will be more disastrous than the one in 2006. Their logic and tactic now is to weaken VMRO-DPMNE as much as possible, through judicial and political persecution of the former, present, but also future party (and state) officials, with the final objective of eliminating from the political battlefield the individuals in which they see potential of opposing them, who can offer better solutions and can put an end to the wrong politics and the destruction of the country. In this mission, SDSM gets help from its installations in the Special Public Prosecutors office, the Ministry of internal affairs led by Spasovski, but also through certain positions that SDSM has in the Public Prosecutors Office, and which are the iron fist of this strategy to neutralize the opposition. The direct result of this strategy are the influenced court verdicts, the “fast-forwarded” judicial processes, the freeze of the estate of VMRO-DPMNE, the attempts to destroy the credibility of party officials, the discreditation of the party leadership etc.

The third motive which I also want to mention is the strong, primeval and blind hate that SDSM has towards VMRO-DPMNE and its members. Opposite to the first two motives, which can be found in the pages of the books describing the subjects of special warfare and psychological operations, this third motive seems like inborn, and even natural in, maybe not in all of them, but in most of the SDSM party members. For these, the love for your motherland, the preparedness to self-sacrifice for ideals, and the true desire to help your country to step forward and to improve the conditions of your own people, is something unimaginable, and that is the reason why these people hate from the bottom of their souls the ones who possess all these qualities. Beside these already identified and shortly explained motives, I can write a lot more about the current political situation in our country, but at the end, I can summarize all of this with one short quote from the classic movie “Rocky”: “It ain’t about how hard you hit, it’s about how hard you can get hit, and keep moving forward.” So, let them hit us as hard as they can, we will still continue on our path and towards our cause, and that is better Macedonia and a better tomorrow.