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Tourists visiting Macedonia spent USD 64 million in first quarter of 2018


Tourists visiting Macedonia spent USD 64 million over the first three months of 2018, according to new figures released by the Agency for Promotion and Support of Tourism in Macedonia.

The reported USD 64.71 million shows an increase of 26.5 percent compared to Macedonia’s tourist income over the same period last year.

The Agency credits its ‘highly targeted marketing campaign’ for this improvement.

“The Agency has advertised our country’s tourist potential,” says the press release, “by [drawing attention to] accommodation options, tourist landmarks, attractions, history, culture, tradition, and gastronomy.”

Besides placing advertisements for Macedonia in leading international magazines and websites, the Agency has been organizing promotional trips for foreign reporters and tour operators, as well.

Also, more foreigners have been coming to Macedonia overall.

Compared to last year’s figures, 19% more foreign tourists visited Macedonia over the first five months of 2018.

Some of the rise in first-quarter results, according to the Agency, may be due to improvements in the country’s infrastructure—for those visitors traveling by car or bus—and the increased number of flights from and to the Skopje and Ohrid airports.