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Turkish director Kaan Mujdeci to receive Golden Manaki award

International Cinematographers Film Festival “Manaki Brothers”­ Bitola and culture center “Yunus Emre”­Skopje organize the screening of Turkish film “Sivas” in Cineplex cinema on Thursday, on occasion of the “Golden Manaki” award presented to director Kaan Mujdeci.

Kaan’s film “Sivas” won the best film award in festival programme “SEE Camera”.

Kaan was unable to attend the recently held festival, but will now personally receive the award and address the audience.

Aslan is 11­-year­-old temperamental child from a poor little place in Anatolia. After a dog fight he saves the defeated dog named Sivas which is left to die. He helps the dog to recover. Wanting to impress a girl he likes, he arranges a match with other martial dog. Sivas again starts to fight and wins, which gets Aslan the desired attention from both his peers and the adults.

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“Sivas” has won a number of awards at international festivals, including the Special Jury Prize at the Venice Film Festival.