Sunday, 23 January 2022 | News today: 0

Ukraine Parliament to vote on declaring martial law after Russia seizes three Ukrainian ships


Tensions between Russia and Ukraine grew overnight, after Russian forces took over three Ukrainian naval vessels which tried to cross the Kerch strait and reach Mariupol. Russia accused the vessels of illegally entering its territorial waters and sent out patrol boats to capture them.

Resistance was offered in one instance and at least nine sailors were hurt on both sides. Ultimately, the three boats with 23 Ukrainians on board were seized by Russia. Ukraine demands the release of its sailors and vessels.
Earlier on Sunday, Russia blocked entry in the sea of Azov for Ukrainian ships. Mariupol remains a major Ukrainian port in the sea of Azov, and is only accessible through the Kerch strait, where Russia built a large bridge to better connect the Crimean peninsula. Russia warplanes were circling over the bridge yesterday, to deter Ukrainian ships from breaking the line of Russian ships blocking passage.

UN Security Council and OSCE are expected to meet today to discuss the latest crisis situation between the two countries. The Ukrainian Parliament is also expected to meet today with a proposal to declare martial law in the country on the table.